A New Idea for Holiday Shopping: Tech Tools for Seniors

happy senior man on tablet

If you’re looking for a perfect gift for an older loved one this holiday season, technology might not be the first idea to come to mind. However, with more older adults choosing to live in the comfort of home as they age, tech tools for seniors can benefit both the older adult and family caregivers who are concerned about their safety. Technology can provide learning, entertainment, and socialization opportunities for seniors. Also, tech devices can provide reassurance to family caregivers that their loved ones are safe at home and that they have easy ways to get help quickly if needed.

Abrio Home Care shares tech tools for seniors that make great gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season.

What Are the Top Tech Tools for Seniors?

Smartwatches/Wearable Technology

Wearable devices, such as the Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, and Fitbit, offer a variety of features to benefit older adults and to help family caregivers feel reassurance about their loved ones living alone. Since each product offers different features, battery life, and functionality, it’s helpful to research each to see which would be the best fit for the person you love this holiday season. Wearable devices may include the following features:

  • Speakerphone – Some devices can function like a speakerphone and be programmed with voice activation to call home or a particular person. This feature is especially helpful if dexterity is difficult.
  • Texting – Different devices can send or receive texts or alert the wearer when they receive a new message.
  • Navigation – Users can get directions home or to other destinations, making walks and outings a bit safer.
  • Health information – Monitor and track vital health information, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature.
  • Fall detection – Alert 911 and emergency contacts if the wearer falls and does not move for a certain amount of time.
  • Emergency assistance – Some devices use a speakerphone option so the older adult can communicate with a 911 operator.


If an older adult you love is often home alone, a great way to help them feel less isolated is by connecting with others online. Tablets, such as GrandPad, Kindle Fire, Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and others, make the internet and a variety of apps more portable and easily accessible without the need of an entire computer system. Since tablets have so many options and can be overwhelming, think about how your older loved one will use the device and if there are simpler versions that might be a better fit. Tablets offer a variety of user-friendly features including:

  • Larger display – While smartphones can be difficult for older adults with vision or dexterity challenges to manage, tablets are larger and have more user-friendly display options, including adjustable text size and brightness.
  • Video chats – Older adults can stay connected with friends and family members, regardless of geographical distance. Remaining connected with others is an important way to help seniors avoid feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  • Voice commands – Many tablets respond to voice commands, making hands-free navigation easier.
  • Apps – There are apps for every interest and hobby to help keep people engaged and entertained. Calendar apps with reminder alerts can help older adults keep track of their appointments. Apps can send medication reminder alerts. Entertainment apps make TV, movies, audiobooks, and eBooks available at the tap of the screen. Games, puzzle apps, and more are available for fun diversions or for learning new skills.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants, such as Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and others, respond to voice commands to complete online tasks. Virtual assistants can help older adults do the following:

  • Update appointments on a virtual calendar.
  • Get directions to the doctor, a store, or other locations.
  • Search the Internet for news and information.
  • Control smart devices, such as lighting, cameras, doorbells, and more.
  • Make and receive phone calls.
  • Hear the weather.
  • Play music or audiobooks.
  • Order products online.

Smart Devices for Home Safety

For older adults living alone, smart devices can help provide them—and family caregivers—with some peace of mind. There are devices for many functions including automatic door locks, video doorbells (Ring, Blink, etc.), smart lighting, home security systems, and more. Many of these devices can even be voice programmed with smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo or Google Nest Audio.

If you’re giving a senior loved one a gift of technology this holiday season, wrap it up with your assistance as well. Spend time together going over the new device, help the older adult understand how to use it, and give them time to practice and ask questions. When your loved one feels more comfortable using the new device, you can also feel more peace of mind knowing that they have tools available to help them if needed.

Tech tools for seniors can make gift ideas to help older adults live safer, more engaged lives at home. Technology does not replace the human touch though. Visits from friends, family, or an in-home caregiver can help boost a senior’s mood and help the individual to feel more connected with others.

For additional support for an older loved one at home, Abrio Home Care may be the answer. Our professional caregivers offer a wide variety of customizable home care services to help older adults live more purposeful and enjoyable lives at home. Contact us at 877-71-ABRIO to learn more about our Alzheimers care in Yuma, AZ and caregiving services throughout the nearby areas.