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A woman who had some creative gift ideas for Mother’s Day dances with her mother, as they enjoy quality time together.

Make Mother’s Day Extra Special With These Creative Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner—are you ready to celebrate the special women in your life? While of course handwritten cards and flowers are ...
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A woman receiving 24-hour care smiles as her caregiver hugs her.

24-Hour Care: Is It the Right Option for You?

As we age, our needs evolve, and the support required to safely remain at home may also change. Initially, in-home care might involve a caregiver ...
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A woman frowns as she listens to one of the latest AI voice cloning scams on the phone.

Guarding Older Adults Against the Dangers of AI Voice Cloning Scams

Scams targeting older adults are nothing new. Some of the common tactics employed by scammers include: The lottery or prize scam, where older adults receive ...
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Two women take steps to improve heart health by going for a walk outdoors.

Lifestyle Changes to Improve Older Adult Heart Health

As February unfolds, the air is filled with love and warmth, not just because of Valentine’s Day but also because it marks American Heart Month. ...
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A woman who knows it’s important to care for yourself relaxes with a mug of cocoa in a room that is warmly decorated for the holidays.

Family Caregivers: Make a New Year’s Resolution to Care for Yourself

The beginning of a new year is a time for reflection, self-improvement, and setting goals for the future. For family caregivers, it’s the perfect opportunity ...
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A professional in-home caregiver uses reminiscence therapy to engage with an older man who has dementia.

Reminiscence Therapy Can Help Dementia Patients Connect During the Holiday Season

Have you ever experienced that sensation where a specific song, fragrance, or visual triggers a flood of memories from the past? For someone with dementia, ...
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