What Are the Different Types of Home Care, and Which One Is Right for Me?

Caregiver and client having coffee together
Understanding the different types of home care will help determine which is right for you.

“The light is what guides you home; the warmth is what keeps you there.” – Ellie Rodriguez

There truly is no place like home. It’s where we can relax and be ourselves, where memories are made and fondly recalled. It’s certainly no wonder that as many as 90% of older adults would prefer to continue living in their homes for a lifetime, rather than facing a move to an assisted living facility.

Yet growing older often entails challenges that can make it difficult to remain safe and independent at home. Chronic health conditions, cognitive changes, and the natural effects of aging all play a role in the decision seniors and their loved ones often face about whether staying at home is a viable option.

The good news is that more often than not, home care is a perfect solution to ensure safety while fostering independence in the comfort of a senior’s home. Based on each person’s individual circumstances, there are typically three main types of home care services to consider:

Nursing Care

In-home nursing care helps seniors manage long-term chronic health conditions by receiving skilled care from an RN or LPN. These medical services can include:

  • Infusions and injections
  • Wound care
  • Vital signs checks
  • Catheter and trach care
  • Medication management and administration
  • Condition monitoring, management, and education
  • And more

These services are ordered by the physician and are often covered by health insurance, veterans’ benefits, and long-term care insurance plans.

Home Health Care

Similar to nursing care, home health care services address medical issues, but are more focused on short-term care needs rather than chronic health condition management. This includes services such as:

  • Care to aid in recovery from an illness or injury, such as a stroke or heart attack
  • Physical, occupational, or speech therapy
  • Any of the nursing services listed above that are necessary for a limited period of time

Home health care services require a doctor’s authorization and a plan of care to ensure that specific goals are met. They are intended to help restore self-sufficiency after a significant medical event. Costs are usually covered by Medicare and private health insurance policies.

Non-Medical Home Care

Non-medical home care services support seniors and those with developmental disabilities with activities of daily living that have become difficult to accomplish independently, such as:

  • Planning and preparing meals
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Shopping and running errands
  • Transportation
  • Personal care, such as taking baths/showers, getting dressed, etc.
  • Medication reminders

Additionally, non-medical home care providers offer companionship – a crucial service that alleviates the crippling effects of isolation and loneliness. Through conversations, reminiscing, games, exercise, hobbies, outings, and more, a caregiving companion can greatly enhance quality of life for seniors and those with disabilities.

Non-medical home care services are typically paid for in one of several ways including:

  • Out of pocket private pay
  • Long term care insurance policies
  • VA benefits
  • State sponsored Medicaid programs

Abrio Home Care, a trusted provider of dementia care in Mesa, AZ and the surrounding communities, accepts all payment options and our services are available on an hourly basis according to each person’s particular needs or wishes. A personalized plan of care is developed to outline the challenges being faced and the specific services that will help the individual overcome them.

As a leading provider of senior care in Arizona for over 25 years, Abrio Home Care is helping seniors and those with developmental disabilities thrive in the homes they love. We offer a free in-home consultation that allows our care experts to get to know each person and to determine the most compatible caregiver match based on personality type, skillsets, likes/dislikes, and more.

If you’re concerned about the ability of someone you love to remain safe and independent at home, give us a call. Our customized in-home care services may be just the solution you’re looking for! Contact us any time at 877-71-ABRIO to learn more about our dementia care in Mesa, AZ  and many areas throughout Arizona. Visit our locations page to see if we provide services in your area.